Free Website For 100 People/Businesses

Are you a small business owner, coach, author, photographer, motivational speaker, upcoming artist etc that needs a platform to showcase your products or services? If YES, then, website is the right thing you actually need right now.

The crew of Triple Internet ( has decided to extend their kind gesture to first 100 people or small businesses, this time with a free service.

The whole of Triple Internet family have decided to help create a FREE website for first 100 people/small businesses.

Why Are We Doing This?

We understand the struggle that many businesses have being struggling yet not get the radiant of the light of the day reflected on them.


The novel corona virus a.k.a covid-19 has made it vividly clear that any business without online presence cannot survive in this 21st century marketplace.


Many businesses have suffered so much offline and need to come online, but how can a little business that’s still struggling afford the huge money these guys out there charge for a single website. 


This makes it difficulty for small scale businesses that barely survive offline to have their presence online. 


Triple Internet family is here just for such kind of people or businesses that has being looking for this kind of opportunity to bring the digital light that makes it flexible for many other businesses to remain firm because of their online presence to also bring them to limelight. 


Little businesses should worry no more as we (Triple Internet) will bring your business online for you for FREE.


We understand that businesses that have good online presence has nothing to worry about even in a crisis like this pandemic the whole world is battling with, such businesses will strives through, in fact most of them made more money while almost the offline businesses can’t operate because of the lockdown (operation no movement).


So, this made website as a must have tool for every business that desire to thrive in this modern business world.


Who Is This Opportunity For?

This opportunity is not in any way restricted to any set of people or businesses; it is for the first 100 lucky people/businesses.

You should also know something, over 40% of the opportunity has been grabbed already, am sorry is coming late. But can you imagine? 


The offer was announced yesterday morning and almost half of the opportunity has been grabbed already but the good news is that you are still not left out YET. 


If you can just contact us NOW on 08116721035, or email us @, i mean NOW, your chances to be among the luckiest people is guarantee

What Should I Do To Get This?

All you need to do is to decide your domain (the name you want people to identify your business or website with, e.g 


After that, click this “LINK NOW to get your domain registered and get your hosting (Hosting is the memory space of your website). After that, Triple Internet do the design of your website for you for FREE.


I understand this process (registering of domain and hosting) might be difficult for many people to handle, but don’t worry, we are here to put you through all of that. 


Just ask questions and you get the answers immediately.

Step By Step On How To Register Your Domain And Hosting

It’s just very simple; Click on this “LINK” now, it will take you to  Bluehost site. 


Why do we choose Bluehost? 


Bluehost is a strong and reliable hosting company with a strong operating system that enable your site to perform well without going on and off online. 


You may not know; There are some hosting company that there operational system is not strong and this often frustrate people that host their website with them because of the performance of their website. 


Also; There are some hosting company that if you host your website with them it will never rank on google, this will make it difficult for people to know the existence of your website. 


But Bluehost is exclusively different with a strong system that guarantee the stability and good performance of your website, and because we mean well for the lucky 100 person or businesses that will grab this opportunity, we recommend Bluehost for you.


When you click this LINK now and take you to Bluehost site you will see some menu, WordPress, Hosting, Domains, Professional Services, etc. Click the drop-down beside Hosting and you will see Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. 


Click the Share Hosting, it will take you to where you will choose your plan; there you will see different plans, Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro. 


Select the Basic, it will take you to where you will see two rectangles; inside one you are ask to create a new domain while in the other rectangle you’re ask to Use a Domain you own. 


Since you never had any registered domain, use the “Create a new Domain” rectangle. Input domain (e.g name in the provided space and click Next. 


If the domain name you enter has not been used by anybody the system will tell you that the domain is available, but if the domain name you enter has been used the system will tell you that the domain name is not available, that mean you need to change the name until you get the one that is available.


When you input available domain name and you click next it will take you to a place where you will fill a form to put your Account Information. 


Beneath that you will see your Package Information, follow those procedures and and finish your domain and hosting registration. 

Remove all those additional services if you don’t need to make the cost less for you. It’s only cost $38 to GET your website up and running today. 


After you have done that just email us @ and your website will be design for you for FREE

If you think that Bluhost is expensive for you, contact us for alternatives

What If I Want You To Register The Domain And The Hosting For Me?

Just as i earlier said, we are here just for you. If you want us to do the registering of your Domain name and Hosting for you, just contact us on 08116721035 or email us @ and all will be done for you without any charge

Can You Create More Than One Website For Me Through This Opportunity?

This opportunity is meant for the luckiest 100 people or businesses, if an individual is lucky enough to claim more that one chance before it gets all claimed, good for such person.

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So, what are you waiting for?

Remember; an opportunity lost might never be regained. The easiest way to miss opportunity is to ignore this offer. So, hit the “Click Here Now” below to get started

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