5 Best Platform to Create an Online Course for Free 2023

Platform to Create an Online Course

If you’re sourcing or in the market searching for the best platform to create an online course for free and get it to monetize then this post is actually for you.

Creating an online course is easier than ever—and that’s not hyperbole.

Thanks to the advent of new course platforms and user-friendly technology, you can develop a brand-new online course in less time than how it used to be in the past.

So we’re sharing with you the best platform to create an online course that would sell and be easier to consume by your target students.

We did this thorough research to give a clear and explain list of the best platform to create an online course that will make you tons of money.

Now, we’re sharing everything we’ve learned from our research with you right away.

This article will walk you through the list and the benefits of using these platforms to create your online course super fast, and these tools have every resource to accelerate your course to success.

Best Platform to Create an Online Course fast

An online course has been making lots of professionals and content creators millions of dollars every year and you should not avoid your portion of this money flowing and out every year.

So here below there would be very helpful software that you can start using for free right now and start raking the money and at the same time impacting the world.

Most online course creators start their courses because the want to impact the world while others start because of the financial benefits of it.

Whether you’re in for money or impacting purpose, every tool below is actually what you need to run a successful online course that would attract money and influence.

Along with building the course, you’ll need to select a course platform to host your valuable content. Sure, you can upload your entire course to YouTube, but anyone can do that.

Using a course-specific platform will make your course more professional and user-friendly for students.

Here are the platforms we recommend below:

#1 Thinkific – Best entrepreneurs and professionals

Thinkific platform Create an Online Course

Thinkific makes designing and building course experiences approachable for everyone.

Thinkific has thousands of entrepreneurs and professional creators on their platform to push their messages out to the world and their course creators have earned $650 million+ from their comfortable places.

You can start selling your course with confidence on a website that includes a pre-built instructor, curriculum, key learnings, and course review sections.

Thinkific is actually an all-in-one online course platform – it allows you to create & sell, and have all the necessary tools you need to be successful with your online course business.

A lot have seen success with Thinkific, you start you using it will do you more good than you can imagine.

With Thinkific you don’t have to go elsewhere to learn how to create an online course or how you can create your course from beginning to finish.

The have taken their time to create several tutorials that will help you master that right from your dashboard.

Still, need to learn more about Thinkific before getting started with it?

You can use this page on their official website to learn more about them right away.

Before we move to the next platform let me quickly share the great news we have for you right now – it’s all about Thinkific Black Friday, you can >>CLICK HERE<< to join their Black Friday waiting list now.

You can’t afford to miss their 2022 black Friday offer, it’s going to be a huge one.

Try Thinkific for free today

#2 Systene.ioCreate Online Courses with ease

Create an Online Course with systeme.io

Systeme.io is an all-in-one marketing platform that has a very flexible feature that can help you to Create an Online Course with ease.

As much as we love Thinkific more than any other online course-creating tools out there, we also love Systeme.io.

We have been using it for years now and I can tell you that it’s one of the best to use when it comes to launching of online business and scaling it

It has also helped thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs to monetise their skills online easily.

They make the whole process easier and faster so that you can focus on what’s important – growing your business and earnings.

#3 Podia – online course platform for online course creators


Podia makes it easy to make a clean, gorgeous online course that your customers will love. Over 150,000+ creators have used Podia as their online course platform, and you can get your free account in just a few seconds.

Podia takes care of the tricky parts, so building your course is easy.

You can upload your videos straight to Podia. Make your sales page in Podia.

Take payments and sell your course.

Podia handles everything out of the box so that you can focus on making a course your customers will love.

You can build your entire online course for free.

Add every lesson.

Upload every video.

You can set up every part of your online course before you spend anything.

Take as long as you need, and launch with Podia when you’re ready.

#4 LearnDash – is trusted to power the learning programs for major universities


LearnDash is taking cutting-edge eLearning methodology and infusing it into WordPress.

More than just a plugin, LearnDash is trusted to power the learning programs for major universities, small to mid-size companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and bloggers worldwide.

LearnDash course content is structured using leading online learning principles to maximize your content delivery and increase completion rates.

So this makes it one of the trusted online course creation platforms and it is suitable for both small and large businesses.

#5 Teachable – Get all the tools you need to build and grow your coaching business.


Join the more than 100,000 creators who use Teachable to share their knowledge easily online and build a profitable business around it.

Easily create an online course or coaching business with their powerful yet simple all-in-one platform.

If you ask a lot of people out there about online course platforms they’ll likely mention Teachable ahead of a prolific platform like Thinkific.

The reason is that they push themselves out so well and that helps them to pull thousands of organisations and professionals to their platform.

With that being said, your use will really make you money but if you want a very flexible and easy-to-use platform then you should go for Thinkific instead.

Before we go let’s quickly share the great news we have for you right now – it’s all about Thinkific Black Friday, you can >>CLICK HERE<< to join their Black Friday waiting list now.

If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or reach out to us at our contact page.

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