Top 20 Most Smartest Person in the World 2023

Smartest Person in the World

If you ever imagine who is the smartest person in the World alive or dead, here in the top list of the smartest person in the world in 2023 we would reveal the most intelligent person in the world right now.

The most intelligent people on the planet aren’t usually the ones with the best or most decorated with the best grades in school.

Intelligence can be checked or viewed in a variety of ways.

You may be a pretty genius, and yet you may not be able to display or deliver your knowledge effectively when that happens the world wouldn’t beckon on you like the others that can express their genius.

Intelligence is not given at birth to most people, and it can take years to develop.

Some people are born with the traits of it, while others require years of dedication and hardworking to maximize their full potential.

The list of the world’s most intelligent people is compiled using different criteria, including their IQ, academic achievements, and the number of languages they speak and their achievements.

The IQ test isn’t the only way to examine intelligence.

It’s important to note that some persons with high IQs don’t appear on this list.

Do you know why?

It’s because they lack the necessary schooling or cannot demonstrate their intelligence in some ways or others.

Who is the most intelligent person in the world in 2022

According to scientists, even the brightest people only use 15% of their brains.

That is surprising, right?

In this list of the smartest people in the world, you’ll discover the people who the rest of the world admires and wow by their achievements.

What is yet to be seen is what it will be like for a person to be able to utilise 30% of their brain and potential.

Some of these people are so smart that the rest of the world thinks they’re strange and out of this world, while others think it’s just a gift they were given or were born with.

Have a look at the achievements of the world’s most brilliant and most intelligent people in 2022 below;

20 Smartest Person in the World 2022

Below you’ll find the list of the smartest person in the world and note the ranking aren’t in order manners but we use numbers to separate them.

who is the most intelligent person in the world 2022

1. Terence Tao

Terence Tao-smartest person in the world 2022

Terence is the smartest person in the world alive right now, and he has earned the nickname the Mozart of Maths.

At the age of two, he had already learned to read by watching Sesame Street.

By the age of nine, he took mathematics at the university level.

Tao graduated from Flinders University in Australia at 17 and proceeded to Princeton University in the United States.

His primary interest is the theory of partial differential equations.

He receives a Fields Medal for his contributions to combinatorics, partial differential equations, additive number theory, and harmonic analysis.

Currently, he is serving as the mathematical engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a space research institute of NASA.



Christopher Hirata is one of the smartest people in the world and his accomplishment attest to that.

Christopher was born with an IQ of 225 and has been called a genius since he was a child.

He stunned the globe when he earned a gold medal in the international physics Olympiad at the age of 13.

As if that wasn’t enough, at 16, he skipped middle school and began working for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in their mission to colonize Mars.

He obtained his PhD from Princeton University when he was 22 years old.

Christopher Hirata is an astrophysics professor at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the United States.

Being the best in the world may seem impossible, but after studying the world’s most intelligent people in 2022, you’ll see that it’s possible, even if most of these people appear to have been born that way because they performed incredible achievements as children.

You have the capacity to be the best in whatever field, job, or aspect of life you choose to pursue.

3. Christopher Michael Langan

Christopher Michael Langan

It has been established that Christopher Langan has an IQ of 195. He is an American autodidact (someone who explores knowledge critically and intentionally), and his IQ is estimated to be between 195 and 210 on various IQ tests.

On multiple instances, members of the fourth estate have referred to him as “the brightest guy in America” and “the wisest man in the world.”

Langan began talking at the age of six months, which is unusual for most babies, and by the age of three, he had taught himself to read.

He developed the ‘Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU), which represents or illustrates the relationship between the mind and reality.’

4. Edward Witten

Edward Witten

Edward is considered one of the smartest physicians in the world, with an alleged IQ of 202.

Witten was only 22 years old when he enrolled at Princeton University to study Applied Mathematics.

At the age of 25 years, he received his PhD in physics. He is a researcher in string theory, quantum gravity, supersymmetric quantum, and other areas of mathematical physics.

Witten is the recipient of the Fields Medal for his work in superstring theory.

He is considered the practical founder of M-theory.

5. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Hawking’s contributions to physics earned him many exceptional honours.

In 1974 the Royal Society elected him one of its youngest fellows.

He became a professor of gravitational physics at Cambridge in 1977, and in 1979 he was appointed to Cambridge’s Lucasian professorship of mathematics, a post once held by Isaac Newton.

Hawking was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1982 and a Companion of Honour in 1989.

He also received the Copley Medal from the Royal Society in 2006 and the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

In 2008 he accepted a visiting research chair at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

6. Evangelos Katsioulis

Evangelos Katsioulis

Evangelos is the smartest scientist in the world, with an IQ score of 204.

He is famous for his role as the founder of the World Intelligence Network (WIN), an international organization of high-IQ societies.

Evangelos is an alumnus of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Medicine 2000.

He holds PhD in Psychopharmacology from the Medical Biology and Genetics Department of the School of Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Evangelos has worked in several medical fields, including neurology, psychiatry, radiation oncology, nephrology, and psychopharmacology.

7. Kim Ung-Yong

Kim Ung-Yong

Kim Ung-Yong is a Korean civil engineer with a confirmed IQ of 210. This individual is recognized as a child prodigy expert.

Six months after his birth, he was able to speak and understand Korean and other languages. Kim Ung-Yong is a savvy entrepreneur.

At the age of three, he had made remarkable development in terms of language knowledge.

He could read Korean, Japanese, German, and English, as well as solve tough or complex calculus problems live on Japanese television.

He was formerly included in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest IQ in the world.

8. Tim Berners-Lee

Tim’s IQ score is unknown, but he is regarded as one of the most intelligent people in the world. He is a graduate of Oxford University.

The English computer scientist is renowned for his role as the inventor of the World Wide Web.

He devised and implemented the first Web browser in 1989 and helped foster its subsequent explosive development.

Currently, he is serving as the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which oversees the continued development of the Web.

Berners-Lee has received many awards and honours, including the Millennium Technology Prize, The Turing Prize, and Germany’s Die Quadriga award.

9. Akshay Venkatesh

Akshay Venkatesh

Born in India in 1981, Akshay Venkatesh is a mathematician and former child prodigy.

He was brought up in Australia and showed promise from a young age, earning a bronze medal at the International Physics Olympiad in 1993, when he was just 11.

A year later he achieved another bronze medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

In 1997 Venkatesh gained a first-class honours degree in pure mathematics from the University of Western Australia, having been the youngest person to ever study at the university.

He then went on to obtain his PhD from Princeton in 2002, at the age of 20.

The math whiz has held positions at the Clay Mathematics Institute in Rhode Island and at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

He currently works as a professor in Stanford University’s mathematics faculty.


Evangelos Katsioulis

Dr Evangelos founded the World Intelligence Network (WIN), a global organization dedicated to helping people with high IQs (IQ).

He’s also a member of a support organization for people with high IQs in his home nation.

According to reports, Dr Evangelos has a 198 IQ score.

He holds degrees in philosophy, medical research technology, and psychopharmacology and is a licensed medical doctor and psychiatrist.

He’s a Greek. When it came to testing scores, Dr Evangelos was a wizard. He’s also artistically gifted, as a brilliant painter and swimmer.

11. Ruth Lawrence

Ruth Lawrence

Ruth Elke Lawrence-Neimark is a British–Israeli mathematician and an associate professor of mathematics at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a researcher in knot theory and algebraic topology.

Outside academia, she is best known for having been a child prodigy in mathematics.

Ruth Lawrence was born in Brighton, England. Her parents, Harry Lawrence and Sylvia Greybourne were both computer consultants.

When Lawrence was five, her father gave up his job so that he could educate her at home.

At the age of nine, Lawrence gained an O-level in mathematics, setting a new age record later surpassed in 2001 when Arran Fernandez successfully sat GCSE mathematics aged five.

Also at the age of nine, she achieved a Grade A at A-level pure mathematics.

In 1981 Lawrence passed the Oxford University entrance examination in mathematics, joining St Hugh’s College in 1983 at the age of twelve.

Lawrence’s 1990 paper, “Homological representations of the Hecke algebra”, in Communications in Mathematical Physics, introduced, among other things, certain novel linear representations of the braid group — known as Lawrence–Krammer representations.

In papers published in 2000 and 2001, Daan Krammer and Stephen Bigelow established the faithfulness of Lawrence’s representation.

This result goes by the phrase “braid groups are linear.”


Rick Rosner

Rick Rosner, a native of the United States, is believed to have an IQ of 192.

Rick has a gruff and rough facial expression that could have been inspired by his years as a bar bouncer, and he does not look to be one of the world’s most intelligent people.

He also claimed to have worked as a stripper, a roller skating waiter, and a nude model, none of which are professions often associated with a brilliant individual.

Rick is also a television producer who is most known for creating the Chips television show.

He also conceived and built a portable satellite television in collaboration with DirecTV.

13. Andrew Wiles

Andrew Wiles

Andrew is the smartest mathematician who specializes in number theory. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Merton College, Oxford, in 1974. In 1980, he graduated with a PhD from Clare College, Cambridge.

He is best known for proving Fermat’s Last Theorem in the early 1990s, for which he received the Abel Prize in 2016.

Wiles came across Fermat’s Last Theorem on his way home from school when he was 10 years old. He was fascinated by the existence of a theorem, and he was determined to be the first person to prove it.

In 2018, he was appointed Regius Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University.

He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Wolf Prize in Mathematics.

14. Phillip Emeagwali

Phillip Emeagwali

Phillip Emeagwali was one of two Gordon Bell Prize winners in 1989 for effectively using a Connection Machine supercomputer to assist in the discovery of petroleum fields.

He is an engineer, mathematician, computer scientist, and geologist who was born in Nigeria.

Phillip has a 190 IQ, according to reports. Phillip, it appears, is the creator of the fastest computer in the world.

15. Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov

Garry is a democracy leader, author, business speaker, global human-rights activist, and former world chess champion.

He became the under-18 chess champion of the USSR at the age of 12 and the world under-20 champion at 17.

He rose to fame at the age of 22 as the youngest world chess champion in history in 1985.

The Russian chess grandmaster is renowned for his exceptional endgame skill and his blistering speed of play.

Kasparov also holds records for the most consecutive professional tournament victories.

Currently, he is serving as the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and chairs its International Council.

16. Marilyn Vos Savant

Marilyn Vos Savant

The IQ of this woman has been determined to be 190. Marilyn Vos Savant is an American native.

She has been named the person with the highest IQ for the past five years, according to, and she has scored as high as 228 on multiple IQ tests.

She is a columnist for Parade Magazine, and through her ‘Ask Marilyn’ feature, readers can send puzzles and questions on a variety of themes for her to solve and answer.

She’s a playwright, lecturer, and novelist as well.

Prior to her most recent accomplishments, The Guinness Book of World Records recognized Vos Savant’s IQ of 190 in 1985.

17. Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski

Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski

Sabrina is the smartest girl in the world.

She is renowned for her unusual accomplishments, including a 5.00 undergraduate GPA from MIT.

Sabrina completed her undergraduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) before earning her PhD at Harvard University.

She is famous for her research on Spin Memory Effect.

Pasterski’s study focuses on exploring black holes and space-time, and she is particularly paying attention to explaining gravity using quantum mechanics.

NASA has shown an interest in the young physicist thanks to her accomplishments.

18. Judit Polgar

Judit Polgar

Judit is regarded as one of the strongest female chess players of all time.

She earned the title of youngest Grandmaster at the age of 15, breaking the record previously held by Bobby Fischer.

The Hungarian chess grandmaster is the only woman to have crossed the 2700-rating threshold.

Her peak ranking was No. 8 in the world, and her peak rating was 2735.


Mislav Predavec

Mislav Predavec is a Croatian math professor.

Do you know what the General IQ Society is all about?

After all, he is the brains behind it.

In this civilisation, there are people with remarkable intelligence.

Mislav reportedly has a 192-point IQ.

As a student, Mislav recalls feeling a step ahead of his peers.

As the amount of content in school increased, he just solved topics faster and better.

Those seemingly severe cognitive assessments were his favourite activities.

Mislav’s mother believes she never had to worry about her son finishing his homework or passing his examinations because he was almost guaranteed to get straight A’s.

20. Grigori Perelman

Grigori Perelman

Grigori is one of the Smartest People in the World.

The Russian genius is one of the greatest mathematicians of our time.

He is renowned for his contributions to the fields of geometric analysis and geometric topology.

Perelman was offered the Fields Medal for his contributions to geometry, but he declined, stating that he was not interested in money or fame.

In March 2010, it was announced that he had met the criteria to receive the first Clay Millennium Prize for his resolution of the Poincaré conjecture.

Still, he rejected the prize money of one million dollars.


The Greatest Philosophers in History is a list of the world’s most influential and well-known philosophers.

Philosophers from all across the world are represented on the list.

The philosophers in this list are not ranked; instead, they are categorized by country of origin and then randomly.

There is also a section dedicated to living philosophers.

There are so many lists out there that exclude female thinkers on their list, while there have been many female intellectuals throughout history.

So we do our proper research and include female thinkers in our list.

So that our list of “Smartest Person in the World 2022” should be a complete one than many on the go.

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