Nexcess StoreBuilder Review; The Best Online Store Builder 2022

Nexcess StoreBuilder Review

A quick one, in this article, we’ll be discussing Nexcess StoreBuilder Review and what makes it one of the best eCommerce builders in the market right now.

Creating an online store with WordPress is one of the best ways to have totally control of your online store and make the best out of your business.

But to be able to create your online store successful with WordPress, you need a robust store builder like Nexcess StoreBuilder to get it done quickly and richly.

I hope you know what I mean by richly above?

In case you may not, it means you’ll have a very impressive online store that your users can’t resist buying from you.

As a web designer and digital marketing agency owner, I have worked with several e-commerce building platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Maropost Commerce Cloud and Sellfy.

Nexcess storebuilder overview, Features, Pros & Cons and  comparation

So in this today’s article, we’ll consider the what is Nexcess StoreBuilder, its features, pros & cons and what you need to get started with it to create your eCommerce website.

Are you ready to learn more about the Nexcess StoreBuilder now?

If so, let’s begin…

What is Nexcess StoreBuilder?

Nexcess StoreBuilde

The StoreBuilder is one of the best builders that allow you to quickly create an eCommerce site where you can sell anything faster and hassle-free.

StoreBuilder is an online store builder. It creates an impressive irresistible storefront, so you can start selling fast.

If you get your hands on any of the plans, you would enjoy hundreds of dollars worth of premium features.

It’s very friendly and easy to use.

With this StoreBuilder, you can create your e-commerce website in a matter of minutes not months like the other online store builders.

Nexcess StoreBuilder Features

There are a lot of benefits you would enjoy if you eventually sign up for any of the StoreBuilder plans.

It comes with lots of goodies and mouthwatering bonuses.

So without any further hesitation let’s know what it has for you.

Try StoreBuilder risk-free for 30 days

#1 Premium Templates

storebuilder templates

They have a lot of premium ready to use templates that allow you to customize your store beyond standard eCommerce sites.

These ready to use templates fast forward your store customization and designing processes, which allows you to create your eCommerce site easily and without any technical knowledge or coding skills.

Begin your online store journey with a starter eCommerce website template that’s ready to sell your products and evolve with your business needs.

You can click the link above to learn more about their templates now.

#2 Effective drag-and-drop tools

No Coding Skills are Required. Easily use their drag-and-drop editor to style your store’s look and fee, all without writing a single line of code.

This tool makes it very easy for everyone to create an e-commerce site with SoreBuilder easily without the services of a web designer or developer.

#3 Bundled Selling Tools

StoreBuilder includes all the necessary plugins and tools you need to start a successful online store and start generating tons of money from your store.

#4 Clean-clear Dashboard

The best thing I really love about the Nexcess StoreBuilder is the effectiveness of the Dashboard the platform came with.

It allows you to create and monitor your business in real-time.

This makes it easy for you to track your business performance hassle-free. unlike other platforms where you need too many plugins to get this task done or you need a bit of technical knowledge.

But with the Nexcess StoreBuilder, you’ll have a very friendly dashboard that’ll make it easy for you to manage your business and grow your sales with a little effort.

#5 Detailed Product Pages

Tell your product’s story with effective design, pictures and videos.

You may think it’s every eCommerce platform that has this feature but as a professional web designer, I can tell you that it’s not every e-commerce platform that has it.

I used one platform to create this eCommerce website – embedding videos to my product page took me a lot of time and strategies to get done.

But with this StoreBuilder, you can get that done hassles-free.

#6 Abandoned Cart Recovery

Worry about too many abandoned carts by your customers?

Not you worry, this tool would help you convert missed opportunities into sales with automated emails that persuade your customers to come back and buy the products they left in their carts.

This is one of the helpful tools for an eCommerce site and it has generated tons of sales for eCommerce site owners – including me too.

#7 Customer Reviews

This allows you to know how customers feel and felt about your products and services by seeing how customers rate your products with easy-to-leave reviews and star ratings.

#8 Automatic Updates

StoreBuilder manages software updates and maintenance so you can focus on what you do and what you love best – growing your business.

#9 Security & Performance Monitoring

Your store comes with a FREE SSL and security monitoring, so you can rest easy knowing your site is protected.

#10 Expert support 24/7/365

Have a question or concern?

Speak to StoreBuilder eCommerce experts (real humans) live by phone, email, or chat.

Nexcess loves their customers so much so they organise real humans that know what they are doing in place and are ready to help and answers your queries or concern 24/7/365.

Getting your hands on the StoreBuilder will definitely do you lots of goods than you can imagine or expected.

Still, have more doubts about the store builder?

  Try StoreBuilder risk-free for 30 days

StoreBuilder Pricing plans

Nexcess created this tool to help everyone so they came up with very flexible pricing plans that suit everyone’s pockets.

Let’s quickly look at the pricing plans before we progress to the pros and cons of using them.

  • Free trial for 30 days then $19/month

What includes in this plan?

It comes with the following features below

  • Web hosting
  • free domain name
  • WordPress built-in
  • Easy-to-use web design tools
  • Smart sales & performance tools
  • Fast page loads
  • eCommerce expert support 24/7/365

Pros and cons

let’s quickly take a look at some of the merits and demerits of using storebuilder for your next online store building project.


  • Free for 30 days
  • You’ll own your website site completely unlike other platforms like Shopify where you don’t own your website completely. You can transfer your website to another provider at any time without losing the online store you’ve created.
  • Super-fast web hosting by Nexcess™ built-in.
  • Upfront pricing, and you never pay transaction fees. unlike it competitors that you have to pay for each transaction you make on your store.
  • Easy-to-use and user friendly, which means anyone can start using it without learning it before using it.
  • Very affordable compared to their competitors
  • The Store builder comes with everything you need to create and grow your business fast.
  • And many more…

Cons nexcess storebuilder review

  • $19/month may be a bit expensive for some people.

  Try StoreBuilder risk-free for 30 days

Frequency Ask Questions (FAQs)

Below you’ll discover some answers to the most doubt and queries you may have about this highly rated store builder that we’ve been learning about.

What is an eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website is a type of website that allows you to list your products to potential buyers online.

It has everything that you need to start selling, accept payment, and track very sales and traffic that comes to your online store.

Creating your own eCommerce website lets you sell your products and services to anyone.

What is a store builder?

Online store builders are a set of toolkits that allow anyone to quickly create an eCommerce website with hassles-free and they can start selling anything immediately.

StoreBuilder is an online store builder.

StoreBuilder help you creates a totally smart and clean storefront, so you can start selling fast without spending months on creating your website.

This store builder comes with tons of premium tools that will help you scale your business easily.

How do I start an online store?

Creating an online store is very easy now.

With the advancement of technology, anyone can start creating an online store easily with the help of available store builders on the market.

Once you decide what you want to sell, StoreBuilder creates a high-performing online store for you.

Then, you can customize, set up your payment processing, and upload your products quickly as you can and start making money right away.

What makes StoreBuilder different from Shopify, Squarespace, or Wix?

It offers more premium features for free and more customization possibilities than all of them.

There are no transaction fees and no expensive add-ons.

Like I said earlier, you own your store and its content completely. This means your data, your website and your profits belong to you.

What is the best online shop builder platform?

WordPress is the most suitable platform for eCommerce because it allows you to have total control of your website and add the addiction plugins you may need to grow your brand.

Statistics show that 40% of all websites on the internet are built on WordPress, which makes it one of the best suitable platforms for your website.

Do I need to choose a domain name before I start StoreBuilder?

Absolutely no. StoreBuilder can give you a temporary domain until you decide to start using it for your business.

No need to wait! sell your products and services.

Is Nexcess storebuilder a marketplace?

StoreBuilder helps you create an online store with a dedicated URL.

It’s not a marketplace, but it can sync with online marketplaces using plugins.

Manage your inventory for your website and your marketplace store in 1 click.

If you are looking for a marketplace builder then you should go for Maropost Commerce Cloud.

What kind of products can I sell?

The sky is the limit!

Nexcess StoreBuilder supports beauty products, courses, personal creations, and videos and in fact, you can sell anything you want.

Why do I need a9 website to sell online?

When you use third party websites to sell online, you have to pay extra fees every time you make sales and performed transactions.

When you set up your own online store, you keep your profits and grow

If you StoreBuilder to create your store, Nexcess will handle the technical details like hosting, code, backups and software.

All you have to do is create your online store, set it up and manage it.

StoreBuilder takes care of the rest so that you can scale your business fast and easily.

What tools do I need to set up an online store with the StoreBuilder?

It includes everything you need to set up your eCommerce store for success.

It includes a web page designer, storefront templates, shopping cart solutions, online store marketing, eCommerce product management and much more.

So you don’t need others to create your e-commerce empire.

Is StoreBuilder going to take up a lot of my time?


It is the fastest & easiest way to create an online store.

And it also allows you to manage your store very quick and easily.

Why should I choose StoreBuilder?

StoreBuilder is one of the best online store creators on the market right now.

And you can start creating your online store and sell your products risk-free for 30-days!

This table below will tell you more reasons you should choose StoreBuilder over every other platform out there.






Starting At

$19 / mo

$29 / mo

$35 / mo.

$23 / mo.

Ecommerce Transaction

No Fees

Has Fees

Has Fees

Has Fees

Customizable Store





Site Ownership





30 Days Risk-Free





Page Customization





Blog Included





Automatic Site





Email Boxes Included





Security & Compliance





Try StoreBuilder risk-free for 30 days


In conclusion, this store builder is one of the best online store creators that every entrepreneur that’s looking for a powerful e-commerce site maker should use to create their e-commerce business empire.

The best part about this platform is that you own your business completely and you can start using it for free.

So don’t hesitate to start using it to create your e-commerce site today.

In case you want to read to the end before you get started please click the button below to sign up for free now.

Try StoreBuilder risk-free for 30 days

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