In today’s economy and age, Black women are working incredibly hard to improve the country, but are receiving very little support from the entire world.

The fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the world, Black women are still struggling to land leadership roles in various industries across the globe

However, this isn’t news to Black women.

We know and have been told from day one that we must work twice as hard to get even a little of what others have.

Black women will continue to thrive, grow, and make our way in the world.

But, ladies, if you ever feel discouraged or need inspiration, just look to these successful women who’ve carved out a place for themselves in today’s world

Meet 10 Black female Entrepreneurs Who Have Raised Over 1 Million Dollars In Funding businesses

Black female entrepreneurs have made some major gains raising venture, this 10 Black women had raised $1 million or more in outside investments for their businesses. Now, that number has more than doubled as we enter into 2022.

In this article, I’m showcasing the 10 most successful black female entrepreneurs who have made major strides in business — joining the esteemed $1 million club.

Read below to meet them and learn more about their businesses.