Bluehost Website Builder Review: Is It The Best Website Builder?

Bluehost Website Builder Review

If you’re looking for the best website builder to automate your website building or to use for your next website project then this Bluehost Website Builder Review got you covered.

Why? because Bluehost website builder is one of the best website builders you can ever use for your next website building project.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission click any link and make purchased. And this post has been included as an entry into a giveaway/sweepstakes.

I used it for my new eCommerce site, so all information am going to share with you about the Bluehost website builder here is from a real user (me) and out of my experience why using the platform.

Website builder will help you fast forward your web designing task and make it easier for anyone whether expert or newbies to make a complete website in no time.

So can we get started with the real Bluehost website builder review and how you can use it to build your website?

I think we should.

Bluehost Website Builder Review: Is It The Best In The Industry?

Bluehost Website Builder Review

Are you ready to learn more about the latest website builder on the web right now?

If YES, then let’s begin…

What is a Bluehost website builder?

A Bluehost website builder is a premium high-quality website builder that allows its users to make a beautiful and responsive website without a piece of coding knowledge.

According to Bluehost, their website builder lets you enjoy building eye-catching WordPress websites faster and easier than traditional building tools.

They don’t lie on that, before writing this review I tested it and it’s super easy to use and have a lot of helpful relevant features to make your website faster.

You can go try it out yourself through the button you’ll come across later in this post.

After you have clicked the link above and when the page has opened, navigate to the website & store it in the menu and click the website builder and select your favourite plan.

After that, follow the simple procedures and complete your registration so that you can start building your website right away.

Still, want to learn more about the Bluehost WordPress website builder before you can get started?

Let’s dive into the features of this great website maker now.

Bluehost website builder features

There are a lot of benefits you would enjoy if you eventually sign up for any of these website builder plans.

It comes with lots of goodies and helpful features that will make it super easy to make your website faster than you could imagine.

So without any further hesitation let’s know whats are inclusive and their merits.

#1 Free Domain

This is one of the things I do like about the Bluehost services, whether you sign up with their shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting VPS hosting, woocommerce hosting or the website builder plan.

They will give you a free Domain for your whole first year with them.

You can’t this offer from most of their competitors.

I’m currently using other hosting companies for my businesses and clients too but this offer is only available on Bluehost.

We did pay for the domain and the web hosting together which increase the price a little bit.

So, you can take advantage of this free domain by signing up for one of their hosting and website builder’s plans today.

#2 Web Hosting Included

What does this mean?

It means if you eventually sign up for any of the website builder’s plans.

You’ll automatically be getting a free domain and web server also known as web hosting.

No need of purchasing hosting separately.

Is this web hosting that’ll connect your website to the internet.

#3 Free SSL

You had me right, there would be no need for your to pay for SSL separately.

Its include in any of the builder plans.

SSL will add security protection to your website so that the information of your user can be saved from data theft and protect your users’ cards and any other sensitive information from scammers.

Here is the visual sample of the SSL below in case you don’t know it yet.

SSL sample

#4 Website Design Templates

Each of the plans comes with tons of premium templates you can start using immediately after your successful registration with them.

With other website building platforms, if you want to enjoy the power of premium themes, you have to purchase them separately from theme marketplace like or

But it isn’t like that with Bluehost website builder services.

#5 Live Editing

This tool will help you to view any changes you made to your website in real-time as you build, before publishing.

#6 1-click WordPress Access

Easily jump back and forth between Builder and WordPress as you customize.

This allows you to add more functions and features to your website without hiring a programmer to get it done for you.

You’ll enjoy two website builders in one place.

#7 Custom CSS

Manage your CSS rules directly within the builder dashboard.

This allows you to add new features or commands to your website through HTML etc.

#8 Domain Privacy Included

This will protect your information from the public. People can use a site like to view your details and do whatever they want with it.

But with this feature, you are all secure.

#9 Animated Headlines

With this feature, you can beautifully animate your headline and images to make your site more eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

It adds attention-grabbing to your site.

#10 Blog Post Templates

It also comes with a lot of blog post templates and styles so that you can easily choose the best one for your business.

Or the one that looks attractive to you and your web visitors.

#11 Custom Fonts

Choose from their suite of fonts or upload your own favourites fonts easily.

#12 Stock Image Library

Enjoy access to hundreds of free-to-use photos.

They have in-house tons of free loyalty images you can start using on your website right away.

#13 Unlimited Websites

You can use the website builder to create unlimited websites without any hassles.

#14 Free Email Marketing

It also comes with a free plan of creative mail – software that allows you to conduct email marketing for free right from your website.

It would help you boost your visitors and increase leads and sales.

24/7 Support

They have one of the best customer support in the web hosting industry.

Call, chat or email their support team anytime with questions or concerns and get your answers for free.

This Bluehost website builder review only covers a few of the features of the website builder.

Do yourself good by going to this page on their official website to learn more about the complete features now.

Bluehost Website builder pricing plans

Bluehost website builder pricing plans

Whether you want to create a blog, website or online store, Bluehost website builder got you covered.

They have a plan for everyone and every pocket.

That’s one of the reasons why they have been recommended by WordPress since 2005.

So here are Bluehost website builder plans below;

  1. Basic: $2.95/month for 12-months subscriptions 
  2. Pro: $9.95/month for 12-months subscriptions
  3. Online Store: $24.95/month for 12-months subscriptions

The best-recommended plan for business owners is the pro plan and basic plan for blogs and personal sites.

The reason is that it’ll allow you to create unlimited websites.

If you have more than two businesses like me then the pro plan is for you.

Finally, if you’re to create a high performing eCommerce site then you should choose the ONLINE STORE plan.

Get Started With Bluehost Website Builder Today

Bluehost site builder pros and cons

Using this Bluehost site builder has lots of benefits.

But most of everything that has merit has demerit so let’s consider the pros and cons of the web designing tools before we conclude this review.


  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free automatic backup
  • The first term is very cheap
  • Unlimited bandwidths
  • 99% uptime
  • Their platforms are easy to use
  • Free email marketing tool
  • 1-click wordPress access
  • Easy to integrate the most popular finance and marketing tools with your website.


  • Limited backup options
  • Limited features compare to WordPress but the good news is that you can change to WordPress with a click.
  • Constant upsells: Their system is packed with continuous upsell pitches, which gets annoying sometimes.

Frequences Ask Questions (FQAs)


We also include some FAQs in this our Bluehost website builder review so that you can clear all your doubts about the website creation tool here.

So can we proceed now?

What is the Bluehost Website Builder?

The Bluehost Website Builder is a website creation tool that allows you to build a website without coding or technical knowledge.

Can I customize my website after I’ve published it?


The Bluehost Website Builder allows you to visually review your website in real-time as you make changes, so if you want to change pictures, text, movies, music, etc. you can see how your pages will look for your visitors before you re-publish to the web.

How is the Bluehost Website Builder different from other WordPress Builders?

Bluehost’s Website Builder is different because it allows the full flexibility of WordPress to remain available, even though they’re providing a simplified building experience.

And the have a quick guide and tips to help you understand the tool quickly as possible.

How do I get started with Bluehost Website Builder?

Bluehost makes it easy to get started with their Website Builder.

All you have to do is to choose the plan that is right for your website needs, and then create or add your existing domain.

they’ll automatically install WordPress and the Website Builder plugin, while also providing a free SSL to keep your site secure.

Setup takes only a few minutes and then you can begin adding content to your website via drag-n-drop functions.

So click this button below to get started now.

Get Started With Bluehost Website Builder Today


Bluehost has been there for businesses of all kinds and help them succeed online since 2003.

so using their website builder will do you good instead of harm.


Because they know what they are doing and the right tools to help their customers succeed online.

They’re in the industry for years now and power over 2 million websites including two of my sites too.

Go here and start creating your dream website today

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