Omnisend Review – Best Email Marketing Platform For Ecommerce Sites

Omnisend review

In this article, we’re providing you with a very detailed omnisend review that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. We take our time to write this omnisend review so that you can learn all the necessary details you need to know about omnisend before you can start using it for your eCommerce business.

Omnisend is all in one email marketing software designed specifically for e-commerce businesses and marketers.

E-commerce is a billion dollars industry with a lot of big industry players to compete with.

Without using the right tools for your eCommerce business, it would be hard to generate tons of sales like the big guys in the industry do.

So with the right tools like omnisend, you can generate more leads and sales effortlessly.

So are you ready to read our omnisend review?

If so, let’s begin…

The best omnisend review in 2021

Before we could start with the full review, let’s look at what is omnisend and how it can help you achieve your eCommerce business goals.

What is Omnisend?

Omnisend review

Omnisend is an all-in-one marketing automation platform for e-commerce companies that want to generate tons of leads and sales on autopilots.

Omnisend gives you the ability to add several marketing channels to the same automation workflow for better communication via email, SMS, web push notification and more.

Omnisend was founded in 2014 as an email marketing platform called Soundest.

According to them, they made it their priority to put e-commerce marketers at the centre of every decision they would make.

What did this mean to you as an e-commerce business owner?

It means they were born to empower you with easy to use helpful email marketing platform that’ll really impact your business if you definitely grab it for your eCommerce site.

Omnisend is a game-changer for e-commerce companies.

They are here to help struggling e-commerce sites succeed.

So if your eCommerce site is currently struggling or you want more leads and sales then omnisend is the right answer to your business right now.

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What is omnisend features?

Omnisend review and features

Omnisend is packed with a lot of incredible features that will definitely impact your business for success.

To grow an e-commerce business without the help of a tool like omnisend is a nightmare.

So take your time to read this summary of omnisend features and make your decision and take action right on this page before you leave.

Is that okay with you?

If so, let’s begin…

Here are omnisend features below;

1. User-friendly interface

Omnisend was created with newbies and expert in mind, so they made very easy to use by anybody whether you’re a newbie or tech expert omnisend get you covered.

They have the simplest dashboard you can use to perform all your marketing activities in one place.

2. Email marketing campaign

It allows you to create on-brand, shippable emails in no time.

With the help of their tons of pre-made email templates, you can create professional, emails without any tech experience.

All you have to do is to customize the existing, templates to your taste or use their pretty easy to use drag and drop editor to create one from scratch with ease.

Here are sub-tools you will get under the email campaign features;

  • Email templates
  • Drag and drop content editor
  • Dynamic discount codes
  • Campaign booster and many more.

It gives you the complete tool kits you need to run a successful email marketing campaign for your online store.

3. E-commerce automation

Setup once, drive sales forever.

It’ll deal with cart abandoned recovery, welcome messages and customers retention.

Omnisend has a lot of pre-built workflows for every aspect of your marketing journey.

All you have to do is to choose out of their pre-made templates and use their drag and drop editor to customize it to your business taste.

You can even use the drag and drop editor to create yours from scratch at hassles-free.

Here are sub-tools you will get from the omnisend e-commerce automation below;

  • Prebuilt e-commerce workflows
  • Automation slips
  • Drag & drop automation editor
  • Welcome messages series
  • Un-buy customers retargeting
  • Cart abandonment recovery
  • An order confirmation message to your buyers
  • Cross-selling: make more sales by suggesting more related products to your customers based on their previous orders.

The e-commerce automation feature has a lot more goodies you would enjoy from it.

4. Customer Intelligence

Customer intelligence allows you to fully leverage your customer data.

It gives you the ability to segments your customers based on what they like (interest-based), manage their profiles and match them with the right products they want and likely buy.

Here are what you will get from the customer intelligence feature below;

  • Segmentation
  • Retention analytics
  • Customer lifecycle stages
  • Products analytics
  • Funnels

5. Pop-ups and forms builder

It allows you to create popups and forms that will help you to grab your visitor’s contact details and even more details with customizable, TCPA & GDPR compliant forms and immediately start engaging them with automated messages.

It is a great way to grow your email list faster and the sweetest part is that; it’s an owned traffic.

What I mean here is that an email list is the best way to generate recurring traffic and revenues by generating recurring sales from your list.

So Omnisend will help you to capture your customer’s emails and phone numbers easily so that you can sell to them via email and SMS in the future.

Here are what you  will get from this feature below;

  • Popups
  • Landing pages
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Sign up boxes
  • Form reports
  • TCPA & GDPR compliant
  • Mobile-optimized forms
  • Ready-made templates

6. Reporting and analytics

sales performance

These tools will help you to track all your marketing activities and render the reports in a clean-clear and understandable format.

With the omnisend reporting tool, you’ll have the following tools to enhance your tracking and reporting.

  • Sales dashboard
  • Campaign and automation reports
  • Advanced reporting
  • Performance reporting
  • E-commerce benchmarks
  • Cookieless tracking
  • Cross-channel tracking
  • Custom attribution window
  • Audience growth trends
  • Form reports and
  • Live view and you can learn more about these tools here

7. Multiple marketing channels

With omnisend, you’re taping into omnichannel marketing.

It will increase your marketing reach and potential sales by distributing your campaign to multiples marketing channels that your target or ideal customers are hanging out.

And all of that will be done from a single dashboard.

Here the list of the channels your message can be distributed to below;

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Web push notifications
  • Facebook retargeting sync
  • Google retargeting sync

8. Migration tools

Omnisend made this tool available to you so that you can move from other platforms to their own effortless.

From importing contacts to onboarding, omnisend get you covered.

9. Multi-store accounts

As the name implies, you can connect and manage email for multiple of your online stores from one omnisend account.

No need to purchase separately for each of your e-commerce websites if you do have more than one.

One account is enough for you.

10. Integrations

Omnisend is fully integrated with the major e-commerce building platforms such as Shopify, ShopifyPlus, Bigcommerce, woocommerce etc.

And you can also integrate it with the most popular online marketing tools out there.

You can view all of the omnisend integration here.

There you have the comprehensive list of omnisend features and you can check the complete features on their website for free and you using it for free too so that you can experience the features in real life before making your buying decision.

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Omnisend pricing plans

How much is Omnisend cost?

Omnisend has different ranges of pricing plans and one thing you have to have in the back of your mind is that the more contact you have the more money you will pay.

But don’t be scared, their plans are very affordable compare to their competitors.

So let’s begin with the pricing plans now.

Pricing Plans for 500 contacts

  • Free: $0/month – Send 15,000 emails per month
  • Standard: $16/month.
  • Pro: $99/month

Omnisend pricing plans

The good part is that you can try any of their paid plan for free so that you can know whether it’s what you actually looking for.

SMS Pricing plans

This only applies to people on their free and standard plans. If you’re on the standard plan or you’re sending more text message more than you should, then you have to buy SMS credits.

How much you’ll spend is totally depends on where you’re sending the text to!

Here’s the estimated cost below according to them:

1 SMS sent to a USA customer will cost you $0.015, Uk is $0.050, Australia is $0.045 and Canada is $0.015.

This means you can either pay more or less per SMS sent to your customers in different countries,

You can learn more about this on their pricing page here.

Omnisend SMS pricing plans

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Omnisend pros and cons (omnisend review)


1. Free plan available: Their pricing plan is one of the best of its kind you can do a lot with it. It includes:

  • 15,000 emails per month
  • sign up forms
  • Sales and performance report
  • segment & customer analytics and many more to enjoy

You can get started with this plan if you don’t have any money to get started with the paid plans.

2. Omnisend is incredibly user-friendly. It’s effortless to sign up and get started with. Not to mention, its backend design is very clean and straightforward.

3. It’ll save you tons of time through their powerful automation.

4. It was designed exclusive for e-commerce, so that gave it more edge over its competitors.

5. Sales tracking: this tool is available for all the marketing channels so that you use it to know which channel is generating your sales the most.

6. 24/7 email and chat support available on the Standard Plan. The support agents are friendly and do their best to help you. A detailed knowledge base is also available to you.


  • It’s only available in English
  • Lack of advance tracking capability
  • Limited integrations

Frequency ask questions (FQAs) about Omnisend

Here are the most common questions you may have in mind about Omnisend below and we’ll try our best to answers all of them to the best of our knowledge.

Omnisend offers a free plan?

Yes…they have a free plan

What is Omnisend?

It is an all-in-one email marketing automation platform for e-commerce businesses. It helps e-commerce companies to make more sales and grow their revenue in automated ways.

Is Omnisend better than Mailchimp?

If you are looking for an email marketing automation tool for an e-commerce business then Omnisend is the best option.


Because it is exclusive designed for e-commerce businesses which give a strong edge above its competitors.

Is Omnisend easy to use?

It is absolutely yes…it’s easy to use.

Who is Omnisend alternative?

Here are the best Omnisend alternatives below;

1. Constant Contact

constant contact

Constant Contact has been a leading expert in email marketing service provider for over 21 years now.

It’s one of the best email marketing software in the world and they have over 660,000 happy customers that lean on them to accomplish their email marketing goals.

They are committed to helping non-profitable, small and large business to maximize their email marketing efforts.

With constant contact, email marketing is easy because the provide tons of modern, mobile-optimized templates and drag and drop editor that makes it easy to create, customize, and send professional emails that actually converts.

No matter any type of business you have Constant contact get you covered. Learn more about constant contact here.

2. Getresponse

getresponse best email marketing software

Getresponse is one of the most reliable email marketing automation software for marketers and entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for a way to grow your audience, promote services, and sell products with automation marketing software that really does the job you actually need to get done to achieve your business aim, then getresponse is the solution.

Getresponse label itself as the world’s simplest email marketing software to use to send out email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys, create webinars and follow up autoresponders.

So, it’s the best alternative to Omnisend. Learn more about getresponse here.

3. Moosend.


Moosend is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that allows you to run all your marketing activities in one place, including email marketing and SMS.

It’s an all in one email marketing platform your business deserves and they’re the fierce river of Omnisend.

Moosend is set from beginner to pro, destined to help them grow according to them.

So it can help you to grow your business easily as Omnisend too.

Moosend is also one of the cheapest elegant marketing automation platforms out. Learn more

Conclussion on Omnisend review

It has never been easy to get people to take action online but with the right strategies and tool, you can get people to hit the buy button easily.

In fact, you can turn them into a regular customer and loyal fans.

That’s why we wrote this Omnisend review for you to learn more about it and how it can help your business win more customers easily.

Both Omnisend and it alternate listed above are great marketing automation tools you should consider for your business if you want to make tons of sales from your eCommerce site like the big guys in the industry.

Finally, I hope this Omnisend review help you a bit?

Tell us your answer in the comment section below.

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