Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review 2021 – The Best Cheap VPS Server You Can Count On

There is a lot of liquid web hosting review out there but in this today article, we’ll only focus on liquid web VPS hosting review, features, price, pros and cons.

It is not cheap on power, features, and service–just low cost.

Liquid web-managed virtual private servers (VPS) provide you with a high level of a dedicated server and the power of cloud hosting.

Liquid Web has been in this business of hosting for a long time now, so working with them will accelerate your business growth.

That’s why we are writing this liquid Web VPS hosting review to help you make a decision on your next VPS hosting shopping.

In fact, this going to be the best article you will come across on this particular topic.

So skipping any part of this article will not do you any good.

You know why?

A paragraph skipped is equal to valuable points miss.

I hope you had me right?

I think you do.

So let’s proceed to our main purpose here liquid Web VPS hosting review now.

But before we get started let’s quickly consider what is VPS hosting and what VPS stand for.

What VPS stand for?

VPS stands for the virtual private server.

What is VPS hosting?

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a virtual machine sold as a service by web hosting companies, to their clients (including you) so that they can have their own dedicated personalised server.

According to Namecheap, it’s a type of hosting suited for people who have outgrown shared hosting.

Where multiple websites reside on a single server and have no guarantee of resources.

VPS allows fewer users to share allocated segments of hard drive space, memory, and processor power.

You can read this post on Namecheap to learn more about VPS.

For the purpose of this article, we’re only focusing on liquid Web hosting VPS review.

Liquid Web VPS hosting review and why they are the best for your business?

Liquid Web managed VPS hosting review

Liquid Web managed VPS hosting would provide you with the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting if you eventually get your hands to it.

Liquid Web managed VPS hosting is an all-in-one solution for anyone who requires the control of a dedicated server and doesn’t have much money to invest in VPS hosting.

Their VPS hosting is one of the most affordable managed VPS hosting that actually does its job.

With just 15/month, you’re on way to build websites on a hassles free server that’ll increase your website performance, users experience and SEO.

As one of Google main ranking factor is SPEED, using cloud VPS hosting will boost your search engines performance.

Because this type of server is well optimized for users experience and speed, which means more ranking, traffic, leads and sales.

So it’s time for us to quickly consider the features of Liquid Web managed VPS hosting.

Liquid Web VPS hosting features

This service has tons of mouth-watering features, so let’s get to it.

✓ Unlimited website: with VPS hosting you can host unlimited websites on your server.

No limit website like other hosting services provided.

With one purchase, you can host multiple sites on that server without any negative hassles.

✓ Dedicated IP address: You’ll get a unique internet address assigned exclusively to your hosting account, which you can use to view your website via its IP address.

✓ Cloudflare CDN: Cloudflare is a content delivery network.

It’ll allow your sites to load incredibly fast in any part of the world and increase your website users experience.

It also provides a lot of benefits to your website.

✓ Gigabit Transfer: Get free data transfer for all inbound gigabit (GB) bandwidth on a fast Gigabit network.

✓ 100% Network and power uptime SLAs: You’ll get 100% guarantee power and network uptime assurance with this liquid Web service.

✓ Site monitoring: they use a technology called DDoS attack protection to protect your website from sudden attacks and from attackers.

✓ Security: They use the standard server secure advance security tool to optimize and secure your site from attackers, malware, spyware and hackers.

Their server sure protection is available for fully managed Windows and Linux services.

✓ Plesk and cpanel available: With a liquid Web VPS hosting account you will enjoy easy to use dashboard (Cpanel) that includes automated updates, maintenance and apps deployment.

You can get that done in one place and best of all it’s very easy to use.

✓ Local backups: I think there’s no other explanation for this.

As the name implies you will be able to backups your websites locally for future use in case of any loss of data.

✓ Integrated firewall: this tool will protect your managed VPS hosting from malevolent web traffic or activities.

✓ Simple Scalability: You can upgrade or downgrade your current managed VPS hosting account without any harm to your server.
✓ Root access: this will grant you the ability to take full control of your server by control your VPS server environment completely.
There you have the summary of liquid Web VPS hosting features.

You can go to this page on their official website to learn more about their complete features.

Liquid Web VPS hosting pricing plans

I think liquid Web is the only one that has these such low prices for this kind of highly effective services.

With the little token, you are a VPS server owner at liquid Web.

The PlansMonthly plans, if billed monthlyMonthly plans, if billed annuallyMonthly plans, if billed 2 years.
2 vCPU$59/month$35/month$15/month
4 vCPU$99/month$60/month$25/month
8 vCPU$139/month$85/month$35/month
8 vCPU 2$189/month$115/month$95/month
2 vCPUs
4 vCPUs
8 vCPUs
8 vCPUs

You can go view and compare the complete plans on their website by clicking the button below.

Compare the pricing plans here now

Liquid Web VPS pros and cons

Like I said earlier, with this service from this reputable company you aren’t losing at all.

They’re a lot of mouth-watering benefits here.

But everything that has merit has a demerit.

So let’s quickly consider the pros and cons of it before we conclude the liquid Web VPS hosting review.

  •  100% uptime
  • Faster than AWS, Digital Ocean and Backspace.
  • Five stars real human support
  • All of their plans include backups and security features
  • Their website load incredibly fast in any part of the world
  • Free dedicated IP address – enhance your website performance, speed, and protection from a secure dedicated internet protocol (IP) address.
  • Free SSL certificate
  •  It’s a little bit expensive for beginners that don’t have enough money to go for the 24 monthly plans. For now, I think this the only cons liquid Web have.
Testimony from real users like you;

Liquid Web managed VPS hosting testimony 1

Liquid Web managed VPS hosting testimony 2

Liquid Web managed VPS hosting testimony 3

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Liquid Web cloud hosting performance is up to 200% faster than their competitors.

So if you’re looking for the best VPS hosting providers to start your new project with then liquid Web is what you actually looking for.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are with them because of two things; better service and customers service (24/7 support).

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