How To Make $1000 Online Weekly From Today – Untold Secret Reveal

How To Make $1000 Online Weekly

Hello friends, here’s how to make $1000 online weekly from today.

Mr David here again……the founder of this company and other 6 online companies.

I have a great business opportunity that I have been using to generate at least $1000 online every week without any hassles.

In this business, there’s no limit to what you will earn. It can be 1k or 30k weekly but all I have to say is that; it’s totally depends on how you are going to handle the business.

If you take it seriously like my friend Mr Isaac and I, your earning is a guarantee.

Before I move further to disclose my earning secret with you.

Let me warn you!

If you are not a serious type or someone that can not take action don’t read further, if you do, that means you are wasting my precious time.

I hope you got that right?

If so let’s move on to the real business of why we’re here.

Are you ready to break your financial hoodoos or want to earn more money this year?

If YES, then let’s begin…

How to Start Making $1,000 online weekly from affiliate marketing

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How To Make $1000 Online Weekly

Before we could get started, let me make this clear to you, making money online with affiliate marketing isn’t for a lazy man.

It’s for hardworking and smart people.

So if you want some other ways with less work volume that will generate you more than $1,000 weekly then you can start watching this video that will teach you how to work 2-3 hours per day and make unlimited money.

So JUST CLICK HERE to watch the video now.

There you have the video above, so can we proceed now to how I used to make over a thousand dollars from affiliate marketing weekly.

I think we should.

For the sake of those people that may never have had of affiliate marketing before, let me explain what is affiliate marketing and how it works before we move further.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process where the affiliate (you) promote someone products or services and get commission anytime your audience make purchases from your affiliate link.

As an affiliate, you don’t need to create a product of your own all you have to do is to start promoting other people products or services to your audience.

Is pretty cool right?

It is my dear friend,

See you don’t need to go through all the products creation stress, order fulfilment, customers service or pay shipping fees.

40% of the money I have made online so far was through affiliate marketing and I’ll continue making the money more and more because it’s not a type of business that consumes my time.

It gave me a lot of time to have fun with my family and friends.

And I’m very sure the information you’ll discover in this post would help you make a lot of money from the affiliate marketing business too.

Which type of product should I promote as an affiliate?

I have been asked this question several times by my reader and social media followers and my answer are always the same.

The answer to the above questions is who are your ideal customers and what is your target earning weekly, monthly or yearly?

Your idea customers that would determine the type of offer you should promote.

At times, your earnings will also determine the type of offer you would promote.

Do you know why?

If you want to make $30,000 monthly and you’re promoting a $10 commission offer, then you have to sell 3,000 of those products which are very tough to achieve.

But if you’re promoting a $500 commission product then you have to sell 60 of it to achieve your goal.

Or a $1,000 commission offer, you only need to sell 30 of it to make 30k.

That may be sound crazy but the reality is that the same energy you need to promote low tickets products that you need to promote high tickets offers.

That’s it.

Think about it.

There are four industries that I always recommend to my readers.

Do you want to know them?

I think you do.

Here they are;

  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Software

1. The wealth industry comprises all the making money online and business growth products.

2. The health industry comprises weight loss, health and fitness products or courses.

3. The relationship category is all relationship e-books and courses.

4. Software category is the type of software that helps individuals or businesses work faster and better.

People spend billions of dollars here yearly.

You need to get a cut of that amount.

Do you get that?


I assume you do.

So can we proceed now?

Here’re the steps to start making the $1,000 weekly now


You can even make that amount in a single day from affiliate marketing without spending a dime on paid traffic.

Are you kidding me?

Am not.

It’s doable.

So follow this step below to do yourself good.

Step 1: Sign up for an affiliate program or network.

An affiliate program simply means a company that hosts its affiliate program on its own.

While affiliate network is a platform that host affiliate programs for companies.


Which affiliate programs or networks should I join?

This totally depends on what you want to promote and the types of people you want to sell to.

But I strongly recommend you Digistore24, Worriorplus, and Partnerstack.

Every offer you want is there.

I have made a lot of money from those affiliate networks above.

If you are from Nigeria you can use a strong VPN like Nordvpn to change your location to the USA or Germany before you can create an account on digistore24.

They don’t allow Nigeria and some other African affiliates into their network because of tax issues according to them.

But with the help of Nordvpn, you can create your account perfectly without any hassles and start promoting their affiliate offers immediately.

In case you don’t have Nord VPN you can grab it here at 68% off now.

After that, you can go and create your account on digistore24 right away.

Note: that only applies to people in Nigeria and other countries that aren’t accepted by digistore24.

Partnerstack accepts every country so you can go get your account, choose the offer you want to promote from there and get your link ready before we move to the next step.

I hope you have got your affiliate link ready now?

Or if you’re still looking for an offer to promote then you have to read this post asap.

Step 2: Promote your affiliate link


marketing tips

This is the hardest step in the affiliate marketing business.

To promote your affiliate link and make Sales isn’t an easy task but with what I’m going to teach you here you can start making sales from your day one if you can take action.

I’m going to teach you three ways to promote your affiliate link and make at least $1,000 weekly.

The 3 ways are:

  1. Free method
  2. Influencer marketing
  3. Paid ads

Free methods:

social media marketing

This includes sharing your affiliate link on your social media handles, through blog posts and peer marketing.

By sharing the link on social media, you may get sales but it isn’t effective.

The best way is to write blog posts or reviews about the product and post them on your blog.

If you don’t have a blog yet you can learn how to start one on this post.

You can also write a review of the product and add your affiliate link in the relevant part of the review.

It works well.

Influencer marketing

Instagram influencer

This simply means using popular people on social media to recommend your offer to their followers.

It’s highly effective.

Do you know why?

Their audience loves and trusts them so anything they recommend to them and they would likely get their hands on it amicably.

That’s what makes influencer marketing a way to go.

How can I find a reliable influencer to market my affiliate offers at an affordable price?

Here is the answer to that question if you want to make sales from day one then you can use to find your cheaper influencer now.


Grab traffic beast here now

Paid Ads


This is the process of paying social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

Or search engines (Google, Bing etc.) to show your offer to more of their users or people on their network.

It’s the most effective way to generate affiliate sales quickly but it requires knowledge before jumping into it.

If you’re a newbie to paid ads this is the only (training you need) to become a paid ads expert in no time.

Step 3: Be consistent

Consistency plays a big role in any online business.

Starting making $1,000 online from the very first week isn’t possible except you used influencer marketing or paid ads method to drive traffic to your offer.

Anything other than that may take a while before it would start yielding you real results.

With an affiliate marketing business, you can make an unlimited amount of money from the comfort of your home.

I even have a friend that is earning around $40,000 monthly from affiliate marketing alone.

Over 40% of my earnings online is from affiliate marketing too.

If you want to scale your affiliate marketing business then you have to learn it from the industry expert so that you can start flying high as possible you can.

In that regard, I recommend you Done For You Services Affiliate Marketing System training so that you can start making real money from affiliate marketing immediately.

Wrap up

There’s how you can start making at least $1,000 online weekly from today.

Take action now so that you can start seeing the results.

I know most of you reading this post wouldn’t take action rather you will say you can’t do it.

You have everything you need to make at least $1,000 online in this article.

All you need is to take every training and product I did recommend to you earlier in this post seriously.

So go and make that cash now.

Do this how to make a $1000 online weekly article helpful?

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