Top 10 Benefits of hiring a virtual bookkeeper for your small business

Benefits of hiring a virtual bookkeeper

Hiring a virtual bookkeeper can become a game-changer to your business in this competitive business world, so here are few benefits of hiring a virtual bookkeeper for your business.

As a business owner, you’ll always look for ways to better your business at a very affordable cost.

Successful bookkeeping would do lots of good to your business, and you need experts to do this for you, but to host an expert onsite bookkeeper may be quick expensive to some Small business owners.

As technology continues to advance, remote or virtual bookkeeping services can help alleviate the financial and accounting stress that comes with running a business.

So in this article, we’ll be going to consider the top 10 advantages of using a virtual bookkeeper for your business and also recommend you the only virtual bookkeeping service company that I thought is good for your company or business if your business locates in North America or Canada.

Are you ready to discover the benefits of hiring a virtual bookkeeper for your business now?

If so let’s begin…….

10 benefits of hiring a virtual bookkeeper for your successful business.

Many business owners using virtual bookkeeping are quickly discovered many merits it has to offer and here are some of the benefits below;

virtual bookkeeper
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1. Save money

When you use a remote bookkeeper, you will avoid spending on the office desk, chair, payroll taxes, employee benefits and judge on-site bookkeeper salary.

All you have to do is to pay for the service charges and the service charge is cheaper than the bills of an on-site bookkeeper.

One on-site bookkeeper can cost you anywhere between $38,937 and $49,768 yearly according to

That’s huge compare to bench bookkeeping cost right?

With Bench accounting, you can get your entire bookkeeping done professionally for just $159 per month.

Is that not a lot of money saved?

2. Save time

Bookkeeping is one of the most times consuming in business activities.

As you have outsourced your bookkeeping, you have a lot of time now to spend with your business and focus on how to grow your business day by day.

You don’t need to involve in all bookkeeping activities any more, you can do that at your own convenient time.

3. Get started fast as you want

Remote bookkeepers are ever ready so you can get started immediately with your bookkeeping by using the services of a virtual bookkeeper or virtual bookkeeping company like bench accounting.

Nothing pain like waiting for the hiring process of the on-site bookkeeper.

4. Working with experts

Employing a professional bookkeeper or accountant can be quite expensive for most small business owners.

But in the case of a remote bookkeeper, you can hire top experience and professional bookkeeper at a very affordable rate.

Virtual bookkeeping service is the solution to many business needs of a bookkeeper.

As you can’t afford to employ an in-house bookkeeper you can work with a company like that hires the best-talented bookkeepers around North America to ease the heavy load of bookkeeping stuff off your head.

5. Fraud-less bookkeeping services

Involve yourself with virtual bookkeeping services companies will help you get rid of the risk of the in-house bookkeeper that works for his or her personal interests.

An on-site bookkeeper can inflate your expenses so that he or she can pocket the additional funds without your notice.

It took God’s grace to catch such a bookkeeper but with the service of virtual bookkeeping service company like bench accounting your bookkeeping is well monitor by honest experts and transparent.

6. Promote your business

Involving a professional remote bookkeeping services company can do your business a lot of good.

The will feature your business on their website and portfolios which means more visibility and new prospect reach.

They may become your customer automatically if you offer or render the service they need.

You can at the same time have a lot of time to focus on growing your business by focuses solely on promotion and customer management. To enhance your customer service, you also need a tool like Freshdesk to automate your customer services and rent top-notch help to your customers.

7. Accuracy/error reduction

Nearly all virtual bookkeepers are professionals, so it pretty difficult for them to do unnecessary mistake which may lead to more cost or extra expenses.

In business, it’s highly recommended to spend only what will help your business grow and generate more ROI.

Virtual bookkeeping companies like bench accounting can help you to stay on top of your business finance and personal finance by helping you track all your expenses and book keep them for four future assessments.

8. Security/data backup

Loss of data is a great danger to every business out there, but the reality is most businesses are victims of this.

It’s one of the main reason so business foldup. To do away with this impediment is to involving an online bookkeeping servicing company in your bookkeeping and tax preparation.

The companies have the top level of security and data backup software with experts that can prevent your data from linking, thief or lost

9. Flexibility

Off-sit bookkeepers are professional that are flexible. What this means to you is that; it means you don’t have to worry about leaving work for a bookkeeping meeting.

You can schedule your bookkeeping meeting at any time convenient to you.

10. Preparing taxes

Tax preparation be tons of work and it’s one of the difficult things to do in business, but It’s a must.

So, if you can’t do this yourself, instead of involving an attorney, you can let your certified professional bookkeeper get it done for you at an affordable price.

The folks at “Bench account” who are professional online bookkeepers can help you out.

You may be check bench tax here to know how they work.


All the list of the benefits of hiring a virtual bookkeeper above is what I have been enjoying over the years.

Since I started my agency Triple Internet Ltd and that I lay my hands on a professional virtual bookkeeper and I have never regretted it.

Their service charge is pretty low compared to the in-house bookkeeper.

In case you may find it difficult to get a reliable bookkeeping services company to work with.

Then I’ll recommend you Bench bookkeeping services if your business located in the United States or Canada.

If your business located outside the USA you can start with Botkeeper.

The bench is a North American company that helps small and large scale businesses in the United States and Canada with their bookkeeping services professionally.

Bench is giving my readers 30% off their first 3 months of service cost. So you can grab this opportunity now.

Botkeeper also a bookkeeping services company your business deserves to work with too.

Are these 10 Benefits of hiring a virtual bookkeeper helpful to you?

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  1. It sure was helpful when you said that a certified professional bookkeeper can help you with tax preparation which involves difficult tasks. This is something that business owners must consider to ensure that they won’t have to deal with something that they are not trained in. I could imagine how a bookkeeper could allow a company owner to have more time for other important aspects of their business.

  2. You got my attention when you said that handling tax preparations will require a lot of work, so you must consider hiring a certified professional bookkeeper. This is something that business owners must consider, especially if they do not have the skills and tools to their tax needs. I could imagine how an online bookkeeper could provide smooth and efficient services to all business owners.

    1. Triple Internet

      You’re right and I encourage everyone to embrace the opportunity that online bookkeepers bring to the table.

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