How To Start A Dropshipping Business That Will Make You 100k Monthly

How To start A Dropshipping Business

Hey! Are you looking for ideas on how to start a dropshipping business that will actually makes you money in 2021?

If your answer is yes then, this incredible details training on how to start a profitable dropshipping business got you covered.

Dropshipping business has become one of the trending and profitable business model these days.

Back in the year, 2000 dropshipping business was an unimaginable business idea in Nigeria but that is not the case anymore.

Technology has made everything so super easy now to the extent that even non-tech people are successful drop shippers than so-called tech guys.

Before we could get started, I just want to let you know that I’m a proudly drop shipper.

The founder of that we turned to the online marketplace now.

So everything I’m going to teach you here is from my experience as been a drop shipper for years now.

So, are you ready to learn from a real dropshipper? Because I’m ready to help.

If Yes, let’s begin…..

What is a dropshipping business?

Dropshipping is a process whereby an individual or a business sell manufacturer/suppliers products without keeping an inventory and when a customer purchased and you forward the order details to the manufacturer/suppliers, pays the wholesale price and the product owner send it directly to your customer.

This simply means you don’t have to purchase any products to get started.

All you have to do is set up your online store or social media pages and get the products pictures, description from the manufacturer or supplier.

This is a good illustration picture that also explains how dropshipping business works below 👇.

How to start a dropshipping business in 2021

I hope you have understood what dropshipping is now right?

Wait a moment, let me tell you some reasons why you should start your own dropshipping business before we could move to the real steps involve.

If you can handle this business well It can makes you a millionaire. Yes, you had me right.

6 Reasons why you should start a dropshipping business in 2021

Here are a few reasons why you should start a dropshipping business right now if you truly want to take some share of the e-commerce global market.

1. High profits: Dropshiping is a high profitable business opportunity for everyone looking for a profitable business opportunity to get started in 2021 and beyond.

2. Inexpensive: the beauty part about this business is the fact that you can get a start as low as $100 or $0.

It all depends on what you want and the results you’re aiming for.

So I can put it this way; it’s a type of business you can start at any money of your disposal.

3. Easy to start: it’s an easy business model you can start at any day, anywhere or anytime without too many hassles.

4. Another source of income: there is not an explanation for this.

If you’re looking for another source of income, dropshipping is the right business for you.

5. No inventory needed: You don’t need to have products in stock to get started, all you need is a list of suppliers that have your target products to sell in stock and capable to deliver them to your customer as fast as they can with the picture and the description of the product, you’re on your way to generating cool cash in no time.

6. Location impediment free: with this business you have nothing to worry about location or coverage limitation anymore.

You can be in Nigeria and sell to any part of the word without any negative impediment.

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How profitable is the dropshipping business?

Dropshipping is an ever profitable business as far as eCommerce is concern.

It’s a type of business you can get started with small capital and scale to any level you desire.

A lot of people have made it big from this industry.

You too can.

So drop shipping business is one of the best profitable business opportunity you’ll think of or out there.

You get the product at wholesale prices from manufacturer or suppliers and sell them at retail price.

For instance, a supplier price for this lady’s watch is $5, you recommend selling it from $15-20.

Do you know why you recommend selling the product at that high price?

Hell no right?

I’ll tell you, so be cool.

Reason 1: that’s how others would be definitely selling the product.

Reason 2: $5 is for the product cost $5 you will budget $5 for an advert, because without constant advert your dropshipping store may not get any sales

Reason 3: you need to earn a good profit so that you can keep the business going, without profit the business would crash

Reason 4: so that your product doesn’t look inferior to your customers.

If others are selling it for $20 and yours is $9, most people would value the other’s people own than yours.

People believe the higher the price the higher the quality while the lower the price the less quality the product so think about it.

But don’t let your price too high.

Always compare your price with other sellers before setting your own in fact yours should be cheaper but the margin should not be too much.

In conclusion, you can purchase a product from a supplier as low as $5 and sold it as high as $20.

So dropshipping is a high profitable business you can start right now.

How a dropshipping business work?

You set up your store, add products images and description you were given by your suppliers to the store, marketing them and when customer purchasing, you forward the order details to your suppliers, pay for the product, cut your share send the total price and your supplier sends the product directly to your customer.

That’s it too easy right?

It is but you need a bunch of effort to make your first sales.

The image below also explains how a dropshipping business work too.

How a dropshipping business work?

Who dropshipping is for?

It is for someone who is looking for a way to earn extra income online without wasting much time and resources.

  • It’s for someone who is looking for a highly profitable business opportunity to venture into
  • It’s for am an entrepreneur with low capital and so on…by now you have to know whether this business Idea is for you, so let’s start the process you’ll take to start the business in the right way.

7 steps to start a successful dropshipping business now

There’s no need to bit around the bush anymore let’s quickly start discussing the steps involved right away.

Step1: Pick a niche(s):

This is the first step to a successful dropshipping business.

You have to choose a niche to get started with, in case you may not understand what a niche means.

It simply means the type of product you will going sell.

It may be a fashion, shoes, electronic or home accessories product.

There are lots of things out there to sell but you have to sell what is highly in demand.

If You’re dealing with hot products them your business would be booming.

So you have to conduct product research first before concluding on anyone.

This moves us to another step;

Step 2: perform competition research.

The essence of that is that it would allow you to know exactly what people are looking for and ready to purchase without any hesitation.

There are a lot of tools out there to perform your product and keywords researching.

You can use the following tools to conduct your research.

2. Google trends
3.Google keyword planner

All the tools listed above are free tools to use to identify your hot selling product.

Or head over to and search your desire products and aliexpress would should you how many time people have purchased those particular products.

That is a good sign to identify a hot selling product but that aliexpress record is the global record, if you’re running a limited location store or you’re planning to, then I recommend you use google trends instead. Or Facebook.

The more search volume a product get per more month the more people are likely to buy it and finally don’t forget to consider it competition too.

It’s very important.

If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a lot of money to spend on ads and SEO, then you have to go for the product with low competition.

Here is an example of what am trying to explain above.


As far as you have known the type of product to get started with, what next is to set up your store.

It’s very important

Step3: create your dropshipping store/site:

Here professionalism is important.

Hear me out first I don’t say you should go hire someone to do it for you.

You can get it done yourself 100%.

What I mean was that your store should be a professional store, you need professional tools to do that.

Which lead us to these steps below to get your store done as quickly as possible.

i. Choose a domain name: you have to decide on a sweet name for your store.

Domain name simply means the name people will use to locate your store.

As one of my store names is it pretty easy to remember and sweet name right?

Your domain name should be pretty easy to pronounce and short as much as possible.

I hope by now you have picked a name so let’s move to another step

ii. Get web hosting: web hosting simply means a space that you will be going to build your store on the go, it connects your store to the internet.

To run a successful dropshipping store you need a strong web hosting company.

If you’re not on a tiny budget, I will recommend;

If you are on a tiny budget then I recommend;

All of the web host companies listed above are very strong and reliable companies that can power your business 247 without any interruption.

Remember we’re building a woocommerce store, not a Shopify store.

Shopify is arguably one of the best online store creation platforms out there but I love woocommerce because it gives me the capacity to add unlimited products to my store effortless.

The best part, it is inexpensive compared to Shopify.

iii. Install wordpress to your site: after you have grabbed your web host from one of the links above, what you need to do now is to install wordpress to your site.

WordPress is a CMS (content management software) that you will use with woocommerce to create your store.

How do I install word press on my site?

It pretty simple, log in to your hosting account, go to your CP and you will see the wordpress icon there click and it would automatically install it and take you to your WordPress dashboard immediately.

If you haven’t signed up for a hosting account yet, you can sign up for a Bluehost or a liquid web hosting account here or here

iv. Pick a theme/template: wordpress has thousands of free themes but for you to get a premium theme to give it a professional look and SEO benefit it needs to make you reasonable money monthly.

So I highly recommend these 3 themes by

1.Access store pro
2. fashstore pro
3. storevilla pro

All the themes listed above are easy to customize and you can do it yourself completely without the help of a web designer.

In case you need help am here to help you for free, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

As you have your store up and ready for business, the next step now is to land a supplier

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4. Step 4. Land a supplier: this is another very important step without having a very reliable supplier, dropshipping business is a nightmare.

I have lost a lot of money because of this.

How do I lose the money?

My product was missed on the way to my customers because of my supplier careless as of them.

He refused to refund me my money.

To maintain my business and I reputation, I have to use my personal money to order new products from different supplier ask her to send them to my customer of which she did.

So you have to carefully handpick the suppliers you’re going to work with.

How can I land a supplier?

No worry I would teach you how to land a very reliable supplier in no time are you still with me?

Of course, you are, can we get started with how to find a reliable supplier now?

Okay let’s go,

I’m going to teach you two methods now

1. Highest start rating: Head over to or, when the site is open you will see a search bar at the top, type in your niche and hit enter it’ll automatically display a lot of the products.

Your aim here isn’t to buy the any of products at this point, what you have to do is to view the store behind the product and you will see how people rate the store and their products.

And you should read all comments/reviews on at least 5 of the supplier’s products to see what other real buyers like you have said about their products and them in general.

Recommendation: you should only consider doing a deal with people that have at least a 4-star rating and above.

After you have chosen at least 5 suppliers, then open their store home page on or Aliexpress and use the contact page there to contact or massage them from the chart feature to negotiate with them.

I hope you got that right? if you don’t ask me her

2. Install the alidropship plugin to your store: this is an automated way to land reliable suppliers.

If you have alidropship install on your site you don’t have to find suppliers your self the software does it for you automatically.

Meet #1 WordPress Plugin for dropshipping business

The best part is that you will use the software to import products to your store with a recommendable selling price to your store automatically and start selling immediately.

You have nothing to do other than to marketing your store products the software will also help With your store management, shipping and marketing.

Most successful dropshippers use alidropship to automate their business.

You too can use it to learn more about alidropship here

Bonus: if you want to dropship qualities turkey hand and shoulder bags you can contact Mrs Queendalin she is a very reliable turkey bags supplier.

So contact her on the following contact detail;

Whatsapp/call: +234 816 027 8282 or

Top 5 dropshipping apps to use and automate your business effortlessly

It’s no compulsion to use all the apps listed below.

One of them may be okay for you but in some cases, you need a combination of 2 or more of them to boost your business as quickly as possible.

  1. Zendrop
  2. Spocket
  3. Alidropsip
  4. Topdser:
  5. Ezuzy
  6. Yakkyofy

Step 5: start marketing your business: As you have your online store fully ready, it’s time to attracting people to it or get eyes balls to it, without this you have no business.

The sale is the health or blood of every business and for that sale, you ever wanted to come you have to show your business to the right people that want them.

Don’t target people that need your products, target people that want your products. Here is the reason, people that need your product can cope without buying it at the moment.

But you see people that want it?

They would try all they can to lay their hands on your product so the big question now is how can you target the right people?

Well, that is simple.

Technology has made everything easy and possible.

You can run Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, Twitter, Linkedin ads and influencer marketing to reach your target prospects.

For beginners, I recommend influencer marketing over all other methods.

They have already built their network of people who trust and love them, so anything they recommend…boom!

If you have more questions about how to market your products, you contact here to get your question answer for free

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Step 6: track your store visitors: this is very crucial.

You must know where your store visitors are coming from and most of all which pages or products are they engage with so that you can match them with the right products.

You can achieve this by setting up an account with google analytics and connect it to your store.

In case you may don’t know how to set it up proper, head over to youtube there are lots of tutorials here.

Step 7: Start a blog for your store: content marketing is the easiest way to drive unlimited free high traffic to your store.

You should start your content marketing from day one.

Google and other search engine value, a website with fresh contents.

They also reward them by ranking the pages and product higher on search results.

So you must write content related to your product every week and publish it on your site. If you can’t do it yourself you can hire write on or

Step: Start email marketing for your store: this is what will make you the real money you’ll ever make from your dropshipping business or store.

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Email marketing is the most healthy and effective marketing.

It brings sales residually.

With the help of email marketing software like Constant Contact, Getresponse, or moosend you can start your effective email marketing with few steps.

Wrap up

Dropshipping business is the type of business that can make you tons of money but if you don’t treat it well, I mean like a business you wouldn’t make a dime from the business, it’s meant for only serious people.

If you’re not a serious type please don’t dare dropshipping business.

It may not necessary for you to buy the products from abroad, you can look for local suppliers that you trust and start selling their products on social media pages or groups.

And if you want to sell all kinds of organic skincare, health and beauty product don’t hesitate to contact me on the following contact details.

Whatsapp/call: +2348116721035


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I hope this how to start a dropshipping business article covers everything you’re looking for?

Thank you for reading.


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