How to create a website in 2021 – Ultimate guide

How to create a website

How to create a website has become a barrier to many business owners to the extent they hire a web designer to create their business website for them, of which with the advance of technology, everybody can create a perfect website without coding knowledge.

That is why Triple Internet is here today to show you practical steps to follow one after the other to create a world-class website for your business.

Or if you are an individual who intends to become a professional web designer, here is a good starting point for you to start making your money as a web designer.

This lesson that I want to share with you today is the best secret most top web designers wouldn’t tell you because it is their source of income, so they will want you to be ignorant of it so that you will pay them to design your website for you.

Even me, I have been making good money every month as a web designer and the founder of this company, but today I like to help you save money.

Don’t pay anybody to design a website for you. You can create it completely yourself with this simple guide.

Step 1: Decide your website name

Step 2: Choose a website building platform

Step 3: get a domain and hosting name

Step 4: Install WordPress

Step 5: Set up and customize your website

Step 6: Bonus (Email marketing) Are you ready? Let’s begin…

Step 1: Decide your website name

It is very important to name your website because this is the very first step to a successful website. If you have a business already, you can use your business name as your website name. If you are creating the website for the business. In case you don’t have yet, decide on a new name for it.

We have billions of people with a different name to easily identify each person at a time that is how it applied to a website too.

They are millions of websites out there so the name and the web address direct people to your site on behalf of you.

Now that you already have a website name, what to do now is to choose a website building platform which leads us to our next step.

Step 2: Choose a website building platform If you really want to build a quality user-friendly or mobile-friendly website quickly you will need to choose a website building platform which is also known as “content management software (CMS)”.

What is the content management software?

The content management software simply means a platform that you will use to manage contents and setting up your website without coding knowledge. In the year 2000-2007 to build a website is based on HTML (code), CSS and many other coding skills are required to set up a perfect website. But thanks to the advancement of technology, now you can build a world-class website without any coding knowledge. There are many website building platforms out there but we will only consider WordPress the purpose of this lesson. Here is why I recommend WordPress to build your site: The most reason why I recommend you WordPress is that it is beginner-friendly easy to use, manage and many more other benefits.

Reason 1: It is a platform nearly everybody can use to build a website without stress unlike HTML that you will first of all learn how to code before getting started.

Reason 2: With WordPress, you can design your website in less than 1 hour.

Reason 3: WordPress vs site builder: with WordPress, you can easily create your site with multiple pages why site builder is ideal for a one-page site.

Reason 4: WordPress isn’t like other platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Typo3 etc that you will require little knowledge of coding to get started. WordPress is the most popular website building platform. The bar chart below will show you clearly that WordPress is the best.

CHART For beginners I strongly recommend you WordPress, it is free and easy-to-use, also suit every category of website, be it a small business, freelancer and even a huge business, WordPress got you covered.

How to create a website with WordPress

Here I’m going to show you step-by-step you will follow to create a world-class website, which leads us to step three in our table of contents.

Step 3: get a domain and web hosting For you to build a successful website you need two things; 1. Your domain name, e.g. as we have others of our website address as and 2. You need a web hosting, which means, a service that will connect your website to the internet. This is the only part where the money is involved in creating a website, WordPress is a free platform to use but you need to get a domain name and hosting which will cost you little money depending on the platform. Some hosting company like Bluehost or liquid web hosting offer you free domain name and you will only pay for hosting, but for some, you must pay for the domain name and also pay for hosting. Both hosting and domain name on Bluehost will cost you around $2.9 to $5 per month, which you wouldn’t break your bank because you want to build a website.

Why you need your own domain name and hosting

The benefits of owning your own domain name and hosting are very massive:

  • Your website will look professional
  • Easy to remember by your visitors
  • Load incredibly fast and reliable
  • And most of easy to monetize

It is better to have your professional domain name and hosting ( than having your site on someone else domain (

Where can you get a free domain name and hosting?

I always recommend these three hosting company to my readers because of their generosity, I host three of my websites on the following sites below;

1. Bluehost: you can get your free domain name, unlimited free professional email ( and only pay for hosting. 2. get your free domain name and only pay for hosting.

3. HostGator: You can get your free domain name and only pay for Houston as well Follow these steps below to get your domain name and hosting to start setting up your site right away.

Step 1: Go to Bluehost here On their home page, you will see an overview of what you will expect from them.

I recommend Bluehost for all beginners because Bluehost is user-friendly, their cheap plan and 24/7 support. If you need a website that will serve multi-million users then I suggest you, but for the purpose of this lesson, we will focus on Bluehost. Mind you; the process that we will follow here also applies to liquid web hosting.

When you have read all the overview of Bluehost, the next step now is to click the start button, then they will take you to their plan page where you will select the one that best suits your business. bluehost plans

Step 2: Choose a website hosting plan

Immediately you click “Get started” or “getting started” you will be taking to the plan page where you will select the plan that matches your business or your needs.

If you’re on a tiny budget, I love to encourage you to choose the “hatching plan” (basic), it is great for all beginners.

You can use this plan until your site is grown with millions of users that are active every month, at this point you can upgrade to a higher plan, but if you aren’t on a tiny budget you can start with “PLUS plan” or “PRO plan”.

In fact, the business plan has so many benefits that the hatching plan, that is the reason why the fee is higher.

Currently, they are running a discount which reduces basic plan, baby plan and business plan from …………….. So it is a great time to take advantage of this discount to host your site before they get back to the normal prices

Step 3: Choose a domain name

To choose a domain name is very easy, all you have to do is to input your domain name.

If you are building the site for your business then use your business name or if you are designing it for yourself you can use your name e.g. or or any name of your choice.

A domain name is very important, that is what will differentiate your website from others. Here are my three websites with different names;, and Choose a name that best describes your business

Step 4: Choose a hosting plan

As I told you earlier, at this point you can go with the Basic plan. After you select your favourite plan, select your billing duration (1,3,4,6 months or 12 months, 24 months or 36 months which is the most advantageous one. After that, fill in your User name. Lastly; set your security pin (which will help you to verify your account in future).

The next step now is to enter your billing info Which will require your email, first name, last name, company name (if it is for company or business), phone number, address, country, zip code (postal code), your city and state? Below, you will see some option like site protection, professional mail and site backup.

If you are on a budget, you can skip them and use wordpress free plugin for site protection called (wordfence) and wp-backup.

For your professional mail, you can use Zoho mail (they have a free plan and paid plan but at this point the free plan is okay).

Step 6: enter a coupon code if available.

Step 7: Review your order details: After you review your order, accept their terms of service and click (check out now)

Step 4: Setup your site

Wow, you made it to this level! Once you have purchased your domain name and hosting plan the next thing to do is to install website building software to your domain name, which we earlier decision to go with wordpress. This will allow you to build your website professionally.

Step 4(1): Install wordpress

There are two possible ways to install wordpress to your site.

1. One-click installs

2. Manual install When you sign up with Bluehost, you are dealing with “click install” which is much easier for beginners.


Here are steps to install wordpress to your domain successfully.

1. Log in to your hosting account

2. Go to your control panel (Cpanel)

3. Search for wordpress icon on the Cpanel

4. Identify domain you want to install WordPress ON.

5. Finally, click the “install now” button; it will take you to your new wordpress site bluehost-cPanel You may take a look at how to install wordpress on Bluehost support centre.

The next step is to customize your site, which leads us to another step.

Step 5: Customise your website

Once you have successfully installed wordpress to your domain you will see a nice clean site with a theme called twenty seventeen

Step 1: Choose a theme for your site Note: Theme is also known as a template, so don’t be confused Theme simply means the layout of your website. It gives your website your desire look. You don’t want your site to look like another person’s because your business may differ from their own and you will also want to give your best to prospect customers/audience so you need a theme

How to choose a theme/template Head over to your WordPress admin dashboard, click the menu at the top of the left-hand side of your admin dashboard, go to appearance, select theme click on add new “which means add new theme”, finally, select your favourite one, click install and activate.

Note: you can preview the theme to view the pictures whether it matches your business or requirements before you install.

WordPress has over 3000 free themes so it may be complex to identify the right theme but be a focus, you will definitely identify one that best suit your business If you need more professional theme then I recommend you AccessPress Themes and (Themeswift), both of them are theme shop with excellent professional themes.

I use AccessPress Themes theme on one of my sites and this blog that you are on it reading this article now. In case you may like the theme you can get it right here.


After you have installed your new theme successfully, you need to customize it to activate some features.

How to do soGo to your admin dashboard – click menus – Go to appearance – click customize – There, set up all the features base on your needs

Step 5: Add plugins to your site A plugin is a software you install on your site to add more value and features to your site.

Thanks to wordpress with exclusive free and paid plugins that you can add to your site at any time. Here are a few plugins that every website need

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