How To Create Instagram Business Account Step By Step Guide

How To Create Instagram Business Account

Do you want to learn how to create an Instagram business account that will actually work in favour of your business?

If YES, then you’re in the right place.

Owning an Instagram business account is one of the best things you will ever do for your business.

So to learn how to Create Instagram business account isn’t a waste of time either energy.

Instagram has become one of the renowned social media platforms to create business awareness and drive more traffic to your business.

Whether you’re operating an online or offline business, Instagram is still the best place to generate leads and sales.

It’s my most favourite marketing platform and I have been using it to drive traffic to my online store, blogs, this site in particular.

So, if I can use my Instagram business page to make more sales, then you too can. But before we could get started let’s take a look at what is Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a high active visual social media platform that has been around for a decay now. It has been helping businesses to reach more prospects and scale their business online easily.

If big brands like Samsung, Techno mobile and Amazon are on Instagram, then your small business deserves to be on Instagram too.

If it can help big businesses to increase their popularity and sales, then it can help yours 10x better than theirs.

So, let’s create your Instagram business account now.

Are you ready?

Because am ready to help you out with your Instagram business account hassles-free and maximize your marketing efforts on Instagram.

So, let’s begin…

How To Create Instagram Business Account in 5 Simple Steps

Instagram Business Account

Step 1. Get Started: 

If you don’t have the Instagram app on your phone yet, do me a favour by installing it; then click on create an account and follow the instruction on your screen to create your personal account first.

Step 2. Go to Edit Profile:


Insta edit profile

Fill in all the necessary information about your business.

Step 3. Hit Switch to Professional Account:

how to create Instagram business account

The first option (Creator) is best suitable for public figures, content creators, artists and influencers.

The second option (Business) is best for retailers, local businesses, brands, organizations and service providers.

So, we’re here to create your Instagram business account which means we’re going for the second option (Business).

how to create Instagram business page

Click on the business option, select your business category/categories and click the check button at the top left-hand side and you are set to the role with your new Instagram business account.

Instagram business categories

Step 4. Start following people:

This is very important; you can’t do well on Instagram without following and followers, they are the ones that will patronize your business.

So, you have to follow a few people related to your industry.

There are a lot of goodies to this;

1. You will learn from them by spying on their profile to know how they optimize their profile.

2. You will know the exact types of content that work for them so that you can create similar content too.

3. You will know the kind of followers and the people they are following so that you will follow the right people and acquire the right people.

Step 5. Start Posting:

As you have created your business account on Instagram and executed all the necessary steps required, all you need now is to start creating your irresistible content.

Note: Instagram works well with only visual content like videos and pictures.

So, go ahead and post your first post.

3 Elements of Instagram successful post:

1. Visual material (Picture and Video): Every successful post on Instagram contain high-quality pictures or video.

You can take a look at these posts from and Fingamall to get inspiration to create an engaging post like their posts below;

How To Create Instagram Business Accountinsta screenshot-2

2. Effective description: Each of your Instagram posts must contain a high engage drives description.

The description helps people to understand your post better and make it more communicative.

3. Hashtags(#): This is the most important element in any Instagram post.

The hashtag is the best tool to help you reach people beyond your network.

It works well on Instagram like as it works on Twitter too.

The more you use the relevant hashtags related to your post, the more you stand the chance of reaching millions on Instagram and search engines.

Deep-Dive into Mastering Instagram Hashtags (eBook)
Instagram hashtags are the key for engagement, visibility and reach.

They categorize posts under a complex system. To grow your account you have to understand and manage hashtags correctly to get your widest possible reach.

In this eBook I´m going to show you how hashtags on Instagram are working, and how to manage them to get the full potential out of it for your goals.

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Use 10-15 relevant and related hashtags on your post, and don’t overdo it, it may hinder your post from showing much on people’s news feed too.

You have to perform these best Instagram hashtags related to your industry and use them from time to time on your posts.

With the help of platforms like Social Boostyou don’t have to undergo this stress yourself.

They’ll help you with all your Instagram marketing strategies and grow your business account faster than usual.

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Wrap Up

There you have it all.

I hope how to create Instagram business account is no longer a problem for you any longer?

Instagram is one of my favourites social medial platforms to market my business and products.

It works for me so well and in very sure it can work for you and your business too.

You can use a tool like the canvas to create your Instagram image and for videos.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions based on how to create Instagram business account then, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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